How to Register on

To register, click on the yellow volunteer button at the top right corner of our website.  From there click the join now link under the blue login button on the sign in page.  

You'll be prompted to complete some info about yourself, name address, etc., and then we find out how you are looking to help the community tell us about your skills and interests and how you would like to help.  From there we will be able to match you with a project that best meets your talents.

After you complete the registration, you'll be prompted to sign in and from there you can browse the projects now open and sign up right there.  After that a representative from the agency hosting that project will be notified and will contact you within a few days.  

And of course we are always here to help, just send us a message on our contact us page if you have any questions at all.  We are happy to help, because well, we know first hand that Helping Feels Good.