Coronavirus Health & Help Tips

As you all know, the COVID-19 pandemic is a stressful time for our community, and some may find it difficult to cope. Please feel free to share the resource below that discusses ways to boost your mental wellness and prevent suicide, even while practicing social distancing!

The Department of Homeland Security's Tips on Avoiding Misinformation About COVID-19

The Private Sector Office encourages our stakeholders to review these helpful websites to stay informed and safe:

  • Coronavirus Fact vs. Myth: Rumors can easily circulate within communities during a crisis. FEMA setup a website to help the public distinguish between rumors and facts regarding the response to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Fraud & Scam Protection: The Department of Justice is remaining vigilant in detecting, investigating, and prosecuting wrongdoing related to the crisis. Find out how you can protect yourself and helpful resources on DOJ’s Coronavirus Fraud Prevention website. The Federal Trade Commission has also established a website with helpful information to help consumers avoid coronavirus-related scams.

Miami-Dade County Testing Sites


Locations with capacity for testing those younger than 18 years old: C.B. Smith Park, Hard Rock Stadium (12+), South Dade Government Center (12+).

More info on CB Smith Park (Click Here for PDF)

Mental Wellness During COVID-19:

Coronavirus Resources for Kids and Adults.

Our partners at the Children’s Services Council of Broward County have a list of Coronavirus Resources for Kids and Adults.

Tips on Resilience Through COVID-19

The Miami-Dade Long-Term Recovery Group (FRIEND) has made available these Tips on Resilience Through COVID-19.
Click here to read their guide (PDF)

Miami-Dade Housing Assistance

The Housing Assistance Network of Dade (HAND) Program launched a Rental Assistance Portal today, specifically geared toward helping individuals and families impacted by the COVID-19 public health emergency.

The HAND Program is a multi-agency partnership with Miami-Dade County and local municipalities, led by Citrus Health Network. The aim of the program is to promote housing stability and homeless prevention by providing temporary rental assistance for eligible individuals and families. 

Click here to access the HAND Portal (External Link)

Health Tips

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19.

1) NO HANDSHAKING! Use a fist bump, slight bow, elbow bump, etc.

2) Use ONLY your knuckle to touch light switches. elevator buttons, etc.. Lift the gasoline dispenser with a paper towel or use a disposable glove.

3) Open doors with your closed fist or hip - do not grasp the handle with your hand, unless there is no other way to open the door. Especially important on bathroom and post office/commercial doors.

4) Use disinfectant wipes at the stores when they are available, including wiping the handle and child seat in grocery carts.

5) Wash your hands with soap for 10-20 seconds and/or use a greater than 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer whenever you return home from ANY activity that involves locations where other people have been.

6) Keep a bottle of sanitizer available at each of your home's entrances. AND in your car for use after getting gas or touching other contaminated objects when you can't immediately wash your hands.

7) If possible, cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue and discard. Use your elbow only if you have to. The clothing on your elbow will contain infectious virus that can be passed on for up to a week or more!

Donate Today to our COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund

The Florida Department of Health wants you to learn about the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity's Short Time Compensation program for employers, please click here.


The Short Time Compensation program helps employers retain their workforce in times of temporary slowdown by encouraging work sharing as an alternative to layoff.
The program permits prorated reemployment assistance benefits to employees whose work hours and earnings are reduced as part of a Short Time Compensation plan to avoid total layoff of some employees.

How to Apply

To apply for the Short Time Compensation Program, please follow this link to the Employer Login page of CONNECT.

If you are in Miami-Dade, you may pick up an unemployment form at participating Miami-Dade Library Locations.
Click here for a list of participating locations.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The employer must describe a plan for giving notice, if feasible, to an employee whose workweek is to be reduced, together with an estimate of the number of layoffs that would have occurred absent the ability to participate in STC.
  • If you are a client company trying to apply for a plan for leased employees, contact the leasing company. They will need to file a plan separately on behalf of their employees.
  • Reduced hours must be used as a temporary solution to avoid a layoff. The employer must submit a Short Time Compensation plan application to the Short Time Compensation Coordinator, Reemployment Assistance Services
  • Individuals participating in an employer-sponsored training may also be eligible to participate in the short-time compensation program.
  • Participating employees must be full-time (at least 32 hours per week prior to Short Time Compensation reduction), permanent employees (not seasonal) and the employees must have a set number of hours (excluding overtime) that they work each week in order to participate. Employees paid piece rate, on commission, or who are hired to do certain jobs regardless of the time required are not eligible for participation.
  • Short Time Compensation benefits are payable when normal hours of work are reduced from 10-40 percent. If normal work hours exceed 40, the percentage will be based on 40 hours.
  • Each week that Short Time Compensation benefits are claimed, at least 10 percent of the employees from the total staff or within a particular unit must be working reduced hours. (Two employees is the minimum for a staff or unit of less than 20 employees.)

Short Time Compensation Program Goals

Goals of the Short Time Compensation program are listed below.
  • Employees retained during a temporary slowdown can resume high production levels when business conditions improve and are spared the hardships of full unemployment.
  • Employers avoid the expense of recruiting, hiring, and training new workers when business conditions improve.
  • Employers who must permanently reduce their workforce can use the program as a transition to layoff. Affected employees may continue to work at reduced levels with an opportunity to find other employment before the expected layoff.

The State of Florida Emergency Bridge Loan Program has been activated.

The application period is from March 17th until May 8, 2020.The program will provide short-term, interest-free loans to small businesses that experienced economic injury from COVID-19. 
Applications will be accepted by qualified for-profit, privately held small businesses that maintain a place of business in the state of Florida. All qualified applicants must have been established prior to March 9, 2020. 

Qualified small business applicants must be an employer business with 2 to 100 employees.This loan program will provide up to $50,000 per eligible small business. Loans of up to $100,000 may be made in special cases as warranted by the need of the eligible small business. The term limit of this loan is one year. 

Complete details on this program and how to apply are available at:

Google and Apple have launched tools that can help people learn more about COVID 19 and a tool to screen themselves. 

Apple – COVID 19 Screening Tool

Apple, Inc. released a website and an iOS app that will allow users to screen themselves for COVID 19 symptoms.  Both tools were developed in partnership with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the White House COVID 19 task force, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  

The app and website include a questionnaire and information about the novel coronavirus – Apple will not be collecting or storing users answers to the questionnaire, thought it will collect anonymous information about usage of the tool.  The screening tool does not require an Apple account to be used.  

More information about this tool can be found:

Google – Educational Coronavirus website

The, is "focused on education, prevention and local resources. People can find state-based information, safety and prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19, and further resources for individuals, educators and businesses,".

More information about this tool can be found:

Info on Preventing COVID-19 from the Florida Department of Health

Links to More Info:

For Businesses: